Central Pump Supplies Ltd

by | Jun 9, 2023 | CPS

We’re all about providing chemical transfer pumping equipment to the Irish market. Since we were established in 2010 and being Irelands sole distributor of FTI Inc products we have become a leading supplier of Chemical pumping equipment in Ireland. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick response times to pricing, service and dispatch of products, offering a same day response time where possible. Due to the fact we only specialise in the supply and service of pumping equipment, this has resulted in us becoming experts and we have over 50 years combined experience to back it up.

With most of our company’s growth coming from customer referrals it is a sure indication that we are giving the customer what they need, a quality service at a competitive price. Finish Thompson Inc., one of our main suppliers, has played a fundamental role in making the achievement of our goals possible. The company hasincorporated in 1951 as a designer and builder of custom decorating equipment, to its
current position as a growing supplier of fluid transfer pumps and recycling systems for the fluid handling and environmental markets. Finish Thompson has proven to be highly intuitive in projecting and reacting to changing market demands, a mag drive pump derives its name from the magnets that are used to rotate the impeller. This innovative design creates a magnetic connection between the motor and the drive–enabling sealless operation and helping improve productivity and enhance safety.

Centrifugal Pumps Series
AC – Sealed Stainless Steel
AK – Stainless Steel Cantilevered Vertical
AV – Stainless Steel Vertical
DB – Plastic Mag-Drive
GP – Chemical Process, Corrosion Resistant
KC – Legacy Plastic Mag-Drive
MSKC – Plastic Sealless Multistage
MSVKC – Vertical Plastic Sealless Multistage
SP – Plastic Mag Drive Self – Priming
UC – ETFE-Lined Heavy Duty Mag Drive
VKC – Plastic Vertical Sealless
Drum Pump Series
EF – Economy
PF – High Performance
TT – Mid-Performance
BT – Mid- to High Viscosity
HVDP – High Viscosity
TB – Mid-Performance
TM – Drum Mixer