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We are specialists in pumps and pumping systems for the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

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Our dream began in 2010 and was born with the idea of ​​facilitating a link between our company and the Irish market, making solutions available, combined with 50 years of experience in the HVAC sector. And like all dreams, it grew until it became a goal of not only being able to supply, but also making a difference in what matters to us, which is the environment. We see our business as a vehicle to make an impact.

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We are all about providing water, sewage, and chemical transfer pumping equipment to the Irish market. With our main distribution Centre in Dublin it allows us to service the needs of the entire Island.

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Our range reaches all types of applications, with technological solutions that are friendly to the environment.

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We care about the comfort of the Irish family, that is why our range includes a high diversity of water pumping systems that include heating, cooling, water supply, pressurization, irrigation and gardening, rainwater harvesting, sanitation, collection and disposal of wastewater, circulation, and filtration of swimming pool water.


We offer a complete range of reliable, technically advanced, easy to install and efficient products that guarantee high energy savings, specially designed for hotels, hospitals, airports, and office towers, among others. Our solutions cover a wide range of applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, fire protection, wastewater, and water disinfection.


We offer a wide variety of industrial applications that meet the specific characteristics of each sector, and we meet the high demands by offering high-performance and reliable water pumps.


We offer a full line of industrial chemical pumps, specially designed to handle the harsh conditions of chemical transfer for the water and wastewater treatment sector


The scarcity of resources and the increasing demand for fresh water require efficient and reliable water purification solutions. Our range includes everything from purification to the treatment of aggressive and particularly charged liquids, to the transfer of raw and untreated sewage.


We provide specialist level control equipment for liquid level monitoring chemical spillage, bund monitoring free flowing solids, powders monitoring borehole level monitoring filling discharge systems ATEX approved (hazardous area), equipment tank contents gauging preventing pump dry running silo, IBC level detection oil/water interface detection pneumatic conveying mechanical conveying.

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