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SAER MK vertical multistage

SAER MK vertical multistage

SAER MK vertical multistage

1. Compact design to minimize costs and dimensions.

2. Normalized mechanical seal: mechanical seals are according to UNI EN 12756 rules. This allows an easy availability in case of need.

3. Shafts supported and guided by bushings in wear proof material.

4. Double wear ring: diffusers equipped with double wear ring in self-lubricating material.

5. Version with frequency converter (inverter) included aboard motor.

6. Wide range: 4 families for power up to 4 kW available with different shapes, metallurgies and motors.

7. Two different types of base: with flanged or threaded ports.

8. Pumps and motors full “Made in Italy”.

9. Pumps and motors in conformity with 2009/125/EC Directive (ErP).

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SAER MK vertical multistage

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