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Hawker Level Control

Hawker Level Control

Hawker Level Control: Hawker offer probably the widest range of hardware. This ranges from the E12 heavy duty single holder manufactured in alkaline resistant phenolic for sewage applications with the facility to adjust the electrode internally +/- 350mm to allow for summer and winter variances of level,  to the small E14 multiholder in polypropylene suitable for bund leakage detection, dry wells and header tanks. There are also borehole electrodes with water quality approved cable and mini pressure tight electrode holders. Electrodes are available in different materials to suit a wide range of chemical applications. Holder brackets steady electrode brackets insulators nuts bolts etc are also available from stock to ensure that installation on site is speedy.

For use with all level controllers and alarms operating in aqueous (conducting) liquids i.e. water, acids, chemical effluent, beverages etc.

For applications where excessive moisture is present, a recessed headed version is available and it is possible to have cable connected at works and the terminals potted.

Suitable for a wide range of Conductive liquids e.g. Sewage, Water, Acids, Alkalis, Milk, Beverages, Paper Stock, Detergents, Wine etc.


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