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Grundfos TPE2 TPE3

Grundfos TPE2 TPE3

Grundfos TPE2 TPE3, the energy efficient choice.

“Suitable for use in a range of applications including: one-string heating systems, heat recovery systems, boiler shunt pump applications and domestic hot water recirculation these pumps really are the answer to your in-line needs.”

According to the Grundfos website applications are:

TPE3 and TPE2 are all-round In-line pumps that can be used in all heating, cooling and district energy systems. TPE3 and TPE2 make a significant difference in terms of comfort and system efficiency in several situations. Examples are:

  • One-String Heating Systems – Increase system efficiency and avoid penalties by a TPE3 that operates based on ΔT across the system to avoid increased return temperature.
  • Heat Recovery System – Reduce water temperatures and reduce costs: With a TPE2 pump you can add two temperature sensors and the pump will adapt the circulating flow in the system to what is really needed.
  • Boiler Shunt Pump – Boiler protection and reduced cost of operation: You can now use the TPE3 and an added temperature sensor instead of a normal pump running at full speed. The sensor ensures that the right temperature is maintained at all times.
  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation – Gain control of hot water temperatures and save: Traditionally, a throttled constant speed pump runs 24/7 to ensure instant hot water, which is a waste of energy. A TPE3 can be applied and put in temperature control mode and the pump will maintain the desired temperature.

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