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Grundfos Circulator range video

Grundfos Circulator range
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Grundfos Circulator range


The GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 is suitable for:

  • Systems with constant or varying flow
  • One and two pipe systems
  • Underfloor-heating
  • Systems where night setback is required.


The Grundfos ALPHA2 L is an advanced energy efficient domestic circulator that meets EuP legislative requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of domestic circulation heating systems.

The ALPHA2 L achieves the highest possible energy savings in comparison to older technology fixed speed pumps. The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motor technology and this power consumption can be as low as 5 watts. The variable speed modulating modes allows the pump to match its performance to the system requirements, helping to reduce noise when thermostatic valves are closing down. The ALPHA2 L models are simple to install in new or existing systems, and are 130mm between ports.

Features and benefits

  • Meets EuP legislative demands
  • Energy efficient pump – significant energy savings
  • Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs
  • Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box


Features and benefits

  • Three Pumps in One – The UPS2 can be set to meet the requirements of a UPS15 model designed for either 4m, 5m or 6m performance.
  • Control Box – The control box of the UPS2 can be mounted on the left, right or on the top.
  • Cable Gland – The cable gland of the UPS2 is the same design as that used on both the UPS15-50 and UPS15-60 circulators. This minimises time taken on changeover. See the easiest way to connect the new terminals by clicking here.
  • Pump Head – Where the existing pump base is in good condition a pump head option can be chosen in order to minimise installation time by replacing the pump head only.
  • Dimensions – The UPS2 is almost identical in overall dimensions to the UPS15-50/UPS15-60 models.
  • Vent screw – The UPS2 is fitted with a screw which allows manual venting to remove air from the heating system

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