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Floor mounted cabinet enclosed single & twin pump pressurisation units for sealed heating and chilled water systems

Central Pump Supplies Ltd stock the ESPA PUMPS DUBLIN Pressurisation equipment automatically controls the pressure in a sealed system delivering water at a pre-determined pressure • Once the system has been filled the ESPRES DELUX will take over and maintain the optimum system conditions • Should a loss of water occur in the system, for any reason, the built in electronic pressure sensor will detect the drop in pressure and automatically start the pump restoring the system to the original cold fill pressure • All units incorporate dry run protection. If the supply tank should run dry the pump will automatically stop, preventing serious damage.


Set point and differential can be adjusted with an accuracy of 0.1 bar. • High pressure and Low pressure alarms can be set with an accuracy of 0.1 bar. Alarm relay and on-board buzzer, with auto reset. • Dry run protection with auto reset.(Low level switch). • Flood protection-Maximum pump run timer can be set in increments of 10 minutes up to 990 minutes and 0 to disable function. Alarm relay and onboard buzzer with manual reset. • Single or dual pump, configurable in the parameters. • Auto change over on dual pump setting. • Pump current monitoring will detect a fault (excess current) and will isolate the pump and sound alarm. On dual pump versions it will automatically activate the second pump until the process is complete. • Continuous pressure displayed on screen. • Hours run for each pump. • Log of number of alarms. • Alarm messages displayed on screen • Internal buzzer with mute and reset. • Activation delay to stop false starts. • Volt free contacts:- High Pressure, Low Pressure, Pump Run & Trip, Low Water & Common fault. • 3 Digit high visibility LED display. • Intelligent overrun on pump to prevent repetitive starts and guarantee set point is achieved. • 60 Day pulse of pump to prevent seizing and flush pump. • Keypad lock function to prevent tampering. • Safe low voltage user interface. • CE and EMC approved. • Proven reliable technology.



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