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Chemical Transfer Equipment

When transferring dangerous chemicals, you can not take a risk.  We can offer you the chance to have your chemical transfer equipment custom made; check out our new portable 110v Chemical Transfer skid mounted pump complete with safety on/off switch.

The unit is used for transferring dangerous Chemicals from Tank’s and IBCs. The light weight Portable Stainless steel frame is easily handled making life so much easier and safer for the operator, and with our safety on/off switch mounted in a secure splash free enclosure it really is a step in the right direction for Safe Chemical Transfer Equipment.

We use the Finish Thompson DB6 pump which is a centrifugal magnetic driven pump manufactured in the USA. The unit is fully assembled and tested in our Stores in Dublin prior to dispatch. Just another example to how CPS Ltd are leading the field in custom built pumping equipment.

Contact us today on 01 861 2326 or email us on enquiries@centralpumpsupplies.com

Chemical Transfer Equipment

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