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Calpeda circulating pumps

Calpeda circulating pumps

Calpeda introduce a new range of circulating pumps ahead of EU directive.

“The range includes three different types of product:


The new NCE-EI circulating pumps replace the previous version of the same name.  The new version has been enriched with two new models that have a maximum pump head of 4 or 7 metres, and which flank the already-existing model with a maximum head of 6 metres.  The new NCE-EI also has a wider operation mode, making it possible to set 2 proportional pressure curves, 2 constant pressure curves or manual speed adjustment.


The NCE-EA circulating pumps flank the NCE-EI circulator pumps, widening the offer of circulator pumps for heating and air conditioning applications.  The NCE-EA models can reach a maximum temperature of up to 110°C and a pressure of up to 10bar, and they are available with a maximum head of 4, 6 or 7 metres.  The NCE-EA circulating pumps are characterized by their AUTO operation mode, when the circulator pumps can adjust the operation point automatically and according to system requirements.  3 proportional pressure curves, 3 constant pressure curves or manual speed adjustment are also available.  The NCE-EA circulating pumps are standard supplied with a heat-insulating shell.


The new NCE-EL circulating pumps by Calpeda were designed specifically for solar energy applications.  The NCE-EL circulating pumps are characterised by their compact design and the fact that the working point can be adjusted from 0.6 to 7 metres or in a proportional pressure manner. The NCE-EL circulating pumps are available with a maximum head of 6 or 7 metres.”

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Calpeda circulating pumps
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