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The BTV300 Combined Water Storage Tank and Pump System is a new way to store and transfer water around the home. We have combined the needs of water storage with the needs of adequate water pressure.

The BTV300 is manufactured in Ireland using WRAS approved materials. The BTV300 is a symbol of high Quality and reliability and an example of Irish engineering at its best.

Reasons for developing the BTV300 ?  Well! the main reason for it was the DEMAND for it in the Irish market.  All to often we were being asked to provide a submersible pump with a separate storage tank, then the installer would have to connect all of the equipment together and the pump would be connected to the outside of the tank.  This old way of doing things took up “LOTS OF SPACE” and also was a NOISY way of doing things.  So we decided to go and do something about it and we basically decided to put the pump inside the tank which made the system “VERY QUIET” and then we decided to design a tank which took up “VERY LITTLE SPACE” and we added extra water storage.

Why use Irish Materials? Of Course we prefer to use Irish materials in its construction.  Quite simply we are supporting Irish Jobs and Irish Industry.

At Central Pump Supplies Ltd we “DEMAN MORE” of ourselves to provide more to you.  The BTV300 combined water storage tank and pump system is our answer to a lot of customers problems.


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